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Your Niche Media

Todd and Terra Manning launched their business, Your Niche Media, in November 2017! After working in various types of advertising for over 20 years, and becoming frustrated with the business model other marketing companies operated within, Terra and her husband decided to open their own marketing company, Your Niche Media! Terra recognized very quickly that a business’s marketing strategy must be flexible. One solution seldom fits all. There also needs to be follow up to analyze whether or not the strategy is effective in reaching the target audience. In order to help accomplish a business’s goals, Terra shares that “We put their advertising in places based upon their industry” instead of having to sell one specific type of media, that may or may not fit a business’s needs. With their years of experience, Your Niche Media also can make sure that your “marketing dollars spread further and get better results.” Although they had plenty of expertise in marketing, Terra shares that they needed help understanding how to actually become a business. Karen Bussone shared with them the information they needed to know to register their business, reviewed their business plan, and provided helpful resources to get their business up and running. As Your Niche Media continues to grow, their goal is to “become a trusted source for marketing advice” and “become part of the business community and help small businesses understand their options!”


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