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Hacienda Leon

Updated: Apr 12, 2021

Hacienda Leon is a local restaurant owned by Martin Leon with truly authentic Mexican cuisine and a cozy atmosphere at 407 W. Hershey Road.

Although Hacienda Leon officially opened June 18, 2018, Martin had dreamed of opening his own restaurant for as long as he can remember. After he immigrated to the U.S. at a young age, he did not have the chance to go to school and instead entered the workforce at 16 years old. Working in restaurants for those formative years of his life only increased his desire to eventually have an establishment to call his own one day.

After Martin opened Hacienda Leon, he found he needed some help with financial planning and management. A close friend referred him to the SBDC of McLean County and he met with Gabriela Montaigne, one of our business advisers and a fluent Spanish speaker, to hear some ideas to reinvigorate his business. Martin listened to Gabriela’s suggestions about better inventory management and as soon as he implemented them, Hacienda Leon’s food cost dropped.

Hacienda Leon’s delicious food and warm climate are the product of Martin’s hard work, determination, and focus on his vision. Martin understood early on that persistence in following his dream was the only way to make it a reality. He wants to continue sharing his culture and unique taste with Bloomington and more by opening more restaurants in Central Illinois and providing jobs for the community. Visit his website at to learn more about Hacienda Leon and it’s delectable Mexican cuisine.

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