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Flowers and Leather Events

Flowers and Leather Events is a wedding and event planning business owned by Sara Vore and based in Bloomington that specializes in month-of (day-of) coordination, full service planning/design, rentals, and personalized consultations.

As someone who has loved weddings for as long as she can remember, Sara knew she had a passion she needed to pursue. After working as a bridal consultant selling dresses throughout college, she took some time looking for her dream job in wedding and event planning but was unsuccessful. Sara had originally started the Flowers and Leather website as a space for her to share her inspiration and love for weddings, but then in 2018, she took the leap of faith necessary to officially establish Flowers and Leather Events as a business. As someone who values her independence, Sara appreciates the freedom that comes with owning your own brand and business.

Although Sara had a good idea of what she wanted and needed to do, she understandably felt overwhelmed and wanted to be sure she was making the right steps. Several people recommended the SBDC to her, so soon after setting up her business in 2018, she reached out to us. The SBDC helped Sara structure her business, create a marketing plan, set up her pricing model, and more. When Sara expanded in 2020, we helped her set up her LLC status, get business insurance, and design a plan for managing rental inventory. Consistent meetings with the SBDC helped her continually grow Flowers and Leather, and Sara feels like a more confident business owner because of the solid foundation she built for herself with the SBDC’s assistance.

Sara embodies the saying “If you do what you love, and you’ll never work a day in your life” through her creativity, kindness and dedication to ensuring every client gets the unique wedding or event they deserve. She is committed to continue using her love for bringing people together through creating weddings and events that uniquely represent the people planning them. In the future, she is planning on expanding her design and decor services, and hopes to one day open her own studio and maybe design her own line of dresses. Visit Sara’s website to learn more about her business or to plan a unique event of your own.

Contact the SBDC at for more information on how we can help your business.


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