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Wellness Data Solutions

Three years ago, Joe and Carrie Company, founders of Wellness Data Solutions, identified a significant weakness in corporate wellness programs that were not producing measurable results for participants, leaving them discouraged and unchanged. “Passionate about educating people about their lifestyle disease risk factors and getting the message out that these risk factors are reversible” was their motivation and drive to invest their time, money, and energy into creating the Health Risk Index™ (HRI).

Carrie shares: “Three years ago, we created the Health Risk Index™ (HRI), which is a simple score to help people understand and assign risk for lifestyle disease. We had pencils, paper, Excel spreadsheets, and many handouts as we sat at a table and basically worked with about 200 employees… Fast forward to the present, and the HRI™ works!” “Our system provides an effective tool for a D2C market, B2B clients, self-insured employers, insurance brokers, and within research to identify and stratify lifestyle disease risk.” The goal is not only to improve understanding of health risks and help manage them, but also to reduce ever-increasing medical spending for individuals and families.

While they both had the vision for where they wanted to take their idea, Carrie expressed: “We have limited startup knowledge. The SBDC helped us with our business plan, protecting our intellectual property, and even networking locally.” The tools the SBDC has provided have been key in continuing to move their business in the right direction.

Through all of the hard work they and their team members have put in over the last few years, their company was recently honored as one of The Most Innovative Leaders in Benefits and Healthcare for 2018 at the Healthcare Revolution Conference!

As they continue to work toward expanding their business, the company strives to “continue to innovate strategic ways that leave a positive impact on the identification and reversal of lifestyle disease. For our future generations and those we currently love, people absolutely must be empowered to understand and care about their health data so they can make healthy lifestyle choices.”

To learn more about Wellness Data Solutions, visit and learn more about your Personal Health Risk Index™.


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