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Veracruz Success Story

Veracruz Restaurant is a family-owned business that offers a varied menu, including typical Mexican food and some Central American dishes. Located at 1704 Eastland Dr. in Bloomington, IL, it opened its doors to the public in April 2015. Its owners, Epifanio and Milagro, are passionate about cooking and providing excellent service. They have extensive experience in gastronomy and have always shared the dream of having their own restaurant to show their culture through the kitchen.

Milagro and Epifanio say that the beginning was not easy, as they encountered many barriers, such as language. But thanks to their perseverance, dedication, and hard work, they have managed to position and maintain themselves as one of the favorite restaurants in the city. They feel very grateful for the community's support over the last eight years. Today, Veracruz is recognized by Yelp (a business review platform) as one of the top 10 restaurants in Bloomington-Normal.

Milagro and Epifanio came to the SBDC while looking for a change in their business. A friend recommended them to Gabriela Montaigne, our Spanish-speaking business consultant. Gabriela worked with them, and together they were able to modernize the restaurant and change its image, giving it more presence on social media and refreshing its appearance to the public. Milagro and Epifanio gained many benefits by becoming SBDC clients. They are very grateful for the support, attention, and opportunities they found there to continue growing and improving their business.

The Veracruz restaurant is run by its owners, who welcome you on a brief but tasty tour of their unique culture and cuisine with a smile and excellent service. Visit their website and follow them on their Facebook page.


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