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KPingel Wigs Success Story

Kyle Pingel, owner of KPingel Wigs, has become a very successful small business owner for 10 years and is most recently started a venture creating custom drag wigs for drag show performers, costumes, and upcycled garments. Kyle’s aim is to make pieces of clothes that help people become a better version of themselves. Kyle is a proud queer business owner and most of his customers are a part of the LGBTQ+ community. He is passionate about helping become the truest version of themselves.


Kyle hopes to grow his business in the next year to be a safe space for anyone who wants to dress a little differently. Additionally, Kyle plans to grow KPingel Wigs by hiring more hands to help grow fill his numerous orders and expand his reach. Ultimately, Kyle’s dream is to one day have his own line of wigs and one clothing brand. Some advice Kyle follows with his company is “Find your niche and focus on that.”


The SBDC assisted Kyle with registering his business with the State of Illinois and website creation. Additionally, SBDC marketing interns worked with Kyle to photograph some of his products to increase awareness and marketing.


You can follow Kyle on Instagram at kpingelwigs, Tiktok at kpingelwigs and Facebook at KPingel Wigs and Customs Creations.


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