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Pristine Leaf

Updated: Jun 22, 2018

Gayatri Joshi launched her business, Pristine Leaf, in December 2017!

With an ingrained love for good quality tea, a dream to start her own business, and a new life in America, Gayatri Joshi launched her brand, Pristine Leaf, in November 2017! The business has opened with a focus of selling an organic, high-quality tea which is free of additives and fillers. While Matcha Green Tea is their flagship product, Gayatri plans to grow the business to offer many different tea flavors and varieties that can introduce the natural health benefits of tea to many new people. While she had an in-depth knowledge of tea products, organizing the logistics, marketing, and budget for the business; it was challenging to get a head start. After finding out about the SBDC online, Gayatri shares that “On my first visit to SBDC, Ms. Katelyn Hill guided me on structure formation and registration of business in Illinois. We meet frequently once a month and walk through our business progress. We are also working on market research & strategy, resource planning and creating a business plan for additional financing for upcoming products under the mentorship of the SBDC.” In the coming years, Gayatri shares that “we have plans to expand our team, have a dedicated warehouse store, add more local as well as international sales channels and expand our product catalog. Hopefully, you will see Pristine Leaf in local grocery stores near you soon!” Learn more about Pristine Leaf via their website at or on Facebook at @PristineLeafTea


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