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Nilla’s Tub DIY Dog Wash & Health Food Store for Dogs & Cats

You buy a business with an established client base, now what? Karley and Cheryl Eash struggled with expanding past their niche of established customers and showing profit. This is when they reached out to the Small Business Development Center of McLean County. 

Karley Eash was one of the first customers of Nilla’s Tub DIY Dog Wash & Health Food Store for Dogs & Cats when the business opened in 2014. She never dreamed she would go from customer to co-owner with her mom Cheryl in two short years. At the time Karley and Cheryl were not seeking their own business but when the opportunity presented itself they decided to go for it!

Their biggest issue was exposure. It seemed as though no one knew about Nilla’s Tub. Cheryl says, “Advertising for a small business is tricky because it’s expensive, but you need to advertise to increase business.” The SBDC was able to help develop a social media strategy, and suggested ideas to increase visibility such as getting a new sign for people to find Nilla’s Tub and designing a logo that represented the brand. 

Nilla’s Tub offers a Do-It-Yourself dog wash. “Anyone that has ever tried to bathe their dog at home knows that it makes a mess!” Cheryl says, “We make washing your dog fun and easy. Waist high tubs with sprayers and everything you need but the dog!”

Karley and Cheryl are very passionate about educating pet owners on pet nutrition. They carry food - dry, canned, frozen raw & freeze-dried raw along with treats and supplements that are truly healthy. “We research all ingredients and their sources from brands we trust, and we help people choose food that is best for their pet.”

Check out Nilla’s Tub at 211 Landmark Dr., B-1 Bloomington-Normal IL, 61761 or at

Cheryl says, “The SBDC was extremely helpful offering strategies for us to find new customers and increase profits.” For help with your small business established client base or not, give us a call at the SBDC and set-up an appointment.


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