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Nano's Tacos

"Nanos Tacos" is a family business established in June 2022 and has positioned itself as one of the most appreciated food trucks by the local community. Angelica and Jahir are the creators of the business, but they also highlight the fundamental role of their sons Jonas and Johan, who collaborate in the attention and food preparation. Both entrepreneurs are initially from Michoacán, Mexico. Jahir discovered his passion for cooking thanks to his father's influence

, who has excellent culinary experience and a deep love for the authentic flavors of his country. Jahir always dreamed of having his own business. Still, he kept that dream on hold for a long time until he finally decided to share his vision with his wife Angelica, she did not hesitate to support him, and together they embarked on establishing their food truck. Angelica and Jahir say that initially, it took some effort since they needed to learn how to register a business and process permits and all the regulations necessary to have a food truck. Angelica highlights the valuable support provided by the SBDC team. They are deeply grateful to the business advisor, Gabriela Montaigne, who provided guidance in the business registration process and invaluable emotional support during times of discouragement. The Patino family advises all those who wish to start a business, especially those whose companies are related to the gastronomic field, to inform themselves

thoroughly before taking the first steps and to take advantage of the resources available in the community. They highlight the support the SBDC and the City's Health Department offer. The "Nanos Tacos" food truck stands out for its vibrant and cheerful décor, but what sets it apart is the quality and authenticity of its food. Customers enjoy the exquisite dishes and value the warmth and excellent service provided by Angelica, Jahir, and their son Johan. They hope to continue growing and gaining recognition from the community. In addition, they invite all entrepreneurs to firmly believe in their dreams and work hard to turn those dreams into a beautiful reality. For this family, the ingredients of success are passion, dedication, and authenticity that you put into your business.


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