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Individualized Repair - Martin Stevenson

Taking the initial leap of faith to start a business is daunting enough. When it comes time to make the commitment to expansion, it’s a good idea to draw upon some outside expertise. The Small Business Development Center at Illinois Wesleyan University (SBDC) provides guidance in appropriate business expansion strategy and can also help direct small business to available resources of all kinds. This service is provided at no financial cost to the client.

In 2016, Martin Stevenson launched Individualized Repair to match his passion and skills to an opportunity presented by a local need for outdoor power equipment repair. Individualized Repair is a full-service tool and engine repair company providing free pick up and delivery in town on consumer grade “walk behind” equipment. “Many people don’t have a proper vehicle to easily transport a mower or snow blower. We can come and get it, perform quality service on it at a fair price, and return it when finished.”

Martin tried unsuccessfully to relocate his business from the garage of his home in Normal to a retail location, due to zoning and inspection issues with the city. He consulted the SBDC to make a second try. “SBDC helped us evaluate what we had at that point, our cash flow, assets, and options,” says Martin. “They provided information on different ways to finance, explanation of complicated financing terminology, the pros-and-cons of each option, and what to expect along the way. We ended up with a relationship with First State Bank and have been happy with them since day one!”

The company’s current marketing focus is on creating awareness for its new location at 607 Hannah Street in Bloomington. Martin says he hopes to continue to grow their services and possibly expand into the area of retail consumer equipment.


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