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Emilio's Drywall

Emillio of Emilio’s Drywall credits his growing success and maintaining motivation to his family to give them a better life in this country. Emillio is a hardworking, small business owner who has overcome many obstacles in order to achieve success in his business. He shares that one of his biggest challenges in launching his business was the language barrier and trying to market his services. He states, “SBDC opened the doors and gave me the necessary tools to make my services known, and they helped me build my brand by creating my logo and website.” Emillio is thankful for the SBDC and the close relationship he has built in order to grow, and maximize, his company.

Emillio’s Drywall strives to solidify itself as a recognized small business in the Bloomington-Normal community. The company offers construction and drywall services for residential and commercial areas. Emilio is committed to doing a job well and on time, as well as always meeting the expectations of his customers. Emillio’s tips to becoming a successful business owner are: to be responsible, punctual, and honest with clients, while knowing both the target client and competitors well.

Contact the SBDC at for more information on how we can help your business.


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