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Eclectic Hearts

Updated: Mar 5, 2019

After spending years searching for a job that “married” her love for original art and her background in interior design, and coming up short, Megan decided to stop trying to find the perfect fit, and create it for herself instead. In April 2018, Megan opened her own business that would fulfill these desires. She calls it Eclectic Hearts! “Megan understands the importance of supporting her community, and promoting other small business owners as she starts this business herself” says Katelyn, Assistant Director of the SBDC of McLean County at Illinois Wesleyan University. “She sees Eclectic Hearts as an opportunity to help promote local art, give her customers the opportunity to shop and display local items, and then give back part of her proceeds to local non-profits.”

Megan confesses, “I have a creative mind, so the red tape of business really scared me. I was doing my best to try and cover all my bases on my own but was worried that I was missing some of the formal steps of starting a business (and I was!) The SBDC helped me see where I was on track, and where I wasn’t, and pointed me in the direction of the different professionals I really needed to connect with… Every meeting I have helps me get re-focused for the coming month.”

Creating a “great big, collaborative community…that supports originality, connecting with other people and decorating our homes in ways that inspire us on a daily basis” is Megan’s goal for Eclectic Hearts as it continues to grow in the future.

If you would like to learn more about Eclectic Hearts, check out their website at or on Facebook or Instagram!


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