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Coats Performance

You start the business of your dreams.  Where do you start prioritizing the many ideas you want to implement?

Kendrique Coats, owner and founder of Coats Performance, “the premier speed training service for all athletes in the Bloomington/Normal area,” says “I had many ideas on how I wanted to grow and continue providing quality services, but I needed assistance mapping that plan out.” The Illinois Small Business Development Center at Illinois Wesleyan University was brought to his attention by his mentor at just the right time.

“They helped me tremendously with making sure the challenges I experienced did not sidetrack the basic brand message of Coats Performance: Quality Service,” Kendrique says. 

Kendrique can demonstrate the ways running and sprinting are essential to all athletic performance. “When it comes to speed development, one size does not fit all. If many athletes shoot, throw a ball, and/or swing a gold club differently, then why are most athletes forced to learn how to spring the same?” he says. “All people move, think, and learn differently, so the approach to speed development should be unique for every individual.” So, Coats Performance develops a customized approach to the training of every athlete, which allows him or her to develop speed skills in the best and fastest way. 

Kendrique’s long-term goals are to spread this speed training perspective throughout the local sports community. He says, “When it comes to speed development, one size does not fit all.” Check out Coats performance at or on Facebook at

For help aligning your small business ideas to your brand and priorities, shoot us an email at SBDC and set up an appointment:


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