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Chenoa Fitness Center

Updated: Jun 20, 2018

After owning other local businesses in the Chenoa community, John and his son decided to follow their passion for fitness, and they worked together to open the Chenoa Fitness Center in June 2018!

As residents of Chenoa, John and his son have noticed the lack of options for small communities to seek health and fitness services, without having to leave town. They sought to address this issue, while focusing on creating a business model that would be sustainable in the small town. They also planned for how they could attract customers from other communities, that may have a similar challenge.

With a big dream ahead of them, John shared that “Creating a solid business plan to present to the bank was my biggest challenge.” This was when he came to the SBDC! He worked with the SBDC advisors to receive assistance in developing his business plan, and prepare to approach the bank for financing. With his business plan, he found success in receiving the financing he needed to purchase and renovate his business location, and open to the public!

John also notes that “We have created a gym with rental space that not only makes the community healthier, but gives other entrepreneurs in the area a place to start their own business. In total, we have brought 5 businesses to the community as a result of our venture.” The Chenoa Fitness Center also hopes to expand in the coming years to other small communities in Central Illinois!

Follow Chenoa Fitness Center on Facebook, contact them at, or visit them at their location in Chenoa at 102 Cemetary Ave, right off of SR 24 to sign-up for a membership!


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