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C&G Petsitting

Updated: Oct 11, 2018

C & G Pet Sitting is a locally-based, small business that focuses on providing in-home, professional, and personalized pet sitting services to animal owners in the Bloomington-Normal area.

Gina LaMonica, owner of C & G Pet Sitting, started her business in the summer of 2016 after noticing that there was strong demand, as her daughter was asked to pet-sit for many of their friends. While there are larger companies offering pet-boarding and daycare services, C & G Pet Sitting offers the unique service of caring for your furry loved ones in their home and familiar setting, creating a more comfortable and stress-free experience for both the animals and their owner.

Business was going well soon after opening their doors, but as she began to “feel stagnant” in her marketing strategies, Gina reached out to the SBDC for a fresh perspective and goals. Gina has worked with the SBDC for over 9 months now, and in that time has seen fantastic gains in her business. After trying new blogging methods, social media strategies, and other marketing tactics to reach new audiences, she has revitalized her business and is prepared for long-time success. As she continues to see her client base grow, she has hired new employees to help service her clients’ fur-babies.

Gina and her team are very involved in the local pet community, and frequently partner with other organizations including the Humane Society of Central Illinois, and Pawsitive Transformations. She and her team are excited to continue to serve the community and the pets that bring so much joy to the lives of their owners.

To learn more about C & G Pet Sitting’s services and book them today, visit, find them on Facebook, Instagram, or Pinterest, or call Gina at (309) 212-8865.


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