Seth Morgan
Fall 2021 Intern

Seth Morgan is a senior at Illinois Wesleyan University, and in his third semester as an SBDC intern. 


 He is a DTE major, and Japanese Studies and Computer Science minor. He chose DTE because of his passion for creation and design, as well as  Japanese studies. He is not completely sure about his plans after graduating, however, he is very interested in architecture so perhaps a further education or job-related to the field


He is a lifelong resident of McLean County so the SBDC helping businesses that he has known of or frequented for years really got him interested in the SBDC. 


Seth is in charge of SBDC's social media and has been enjoying figuring out the more particular things of what works for which platform, what times are best, what content gets the most interaction, etc. He has learned about marketing through social media via his own work, and also by seeing the posts of other businesses and what works for them.


Seth explains that he is passionate about creation, whether it be design, art, science, etc. That's part of the reason he enjoys architecture so much.


During his free time, he likes to spend his free time watching movies or TV shows, occasionally reading or playing video games. Every once in a while he likes to build a lego set, something to relax the mind.


Seth helps run the Slightly Underwhelming podcast here at IWU, where you can listen to topical discussions regarding the various things going on around campus. He was also able to travel outside the US for the first time thanks to a study abroad opportunity offered by IWU.