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Scott Dixon

Volunteer Advisor

Since February 2018, Scott Dixon has been a volunteer at the Small Business Development Center. Following his graduation from the University of Illinois, where he received his degree in Agricultural Economics with a focus in Accounting, Scott began working for a small community bank in northern Illinois. This was only the beginning to his 40+ year career in all aspects of banking and business management. He later moved on to work for larger banks, where he was primarily lending to medium sized businesses for everything from inventory and working capital loans to real estate and equipment. Scott served on bank boards and credit committees as well interacted with bank regulators throughout his career. He gained valuable experiences in understanding what lending could prudently be done that helped clients successfully achieve their needs and goals.


For the SBDC, Scott assists clients in creating Business Plans, analyzing their financial statements and learning from past trends, how to structure loans, and understanding cash flows. He has a wide background of knowledge, having also studied the fields of business risk management, retirement planning, investment management, liquidity needs, estate and tax planning, and human resources. Currently, Scott is working to become a Certified Financial Planner.


Scott has resided in McLean County for the past 16 years. His wife, Jaci, is very active as a Master Gardener, and she also works at the ISU Horticultural Center.

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