Lesley Ortega
Fall 2021 Intern

Lesley Ortega is a senior at Illinois Wesleyan University, and in her second semester as an SBDC intern. 


She is an Economics Major and a Finance and Hispanic Studies minor. Lesley chose the Econ major because of various topics/concepts the field covered that she happened to enjoy all throughout high school and thinks it’s a great combination to have with finance. Additionally, she chose a Spanish minor for the extra skill for future employers to see she is bilingual. After graduation, Lesley would like to work in the financial services field.

SBDC interested Lesley because it worked with all kinds of small businesses and clients, including those who are of different races and ethnicities and it was located right on campus. She finds it very impressive that student interns had the potential to continue their work/internships if offered the opportunity. Lesley likes working with very diverse clients and businesses. She also really enjoys having her space to be creative. Lesley has learned that with a team like SBDC, you are never alone, someone is always there for you to help, whether it's a supervisor or intern. At SBDC mistakes are okay and growth and improvement are what really matter and are encouraged.


"I'm passionate about diversity and inclusivity. I feel strongly about everyone having equal opportunity to be successful. Additionally, I'm passionate about fitness, and overall striving for better health. I work out, stay active and listen to lots of music."


Fun fact, Lesley has never broken a bone! At IWU, She has changed her major twice and my minor three times.