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Coaching and Consulting Services

Legacy Consulting & Research Group LLC integrates psychological principles and leadership skills to help individuals and teams thrive. This team specializes in consulting and coaching services to help increase multicultural competence, resilience, occupational thriving, and psychological well-being. 

  • Every day we are connecting with members of our local and global community to enhance occupational thriving. We believe that the greatest asset to any organization is their people. The individual worker’s ability to thrive is why we continue to research, write, and engage in social-scientific consulting and coaching services.

  • We always start our work by building relationships with our clients and ensuring them that we are committed to providing excellent and meaningful services. 

  • All of our services are customized to best fit your situation. Whether that is a client who is seeking an individual Talent/Career Assessment to an organization that is looking for a Keynote Speaker on Diversity, Resilience, or Thriving at Work.

  • Services include: 

    • Keynote Speaking- We specialize on engaging talks that cover Multicultural Competence, Diversity & Inclusion, Resilience, Leadership, and Thriving at Work.

    • Leader Development Workshops- We provide customized workshops that is comprised of lecture, active learning, question & answer, and participation.

    • Research and Evaluation- Program Evaluation, Study Design, Survey Construction, Statistical Analyses, and Data Collection/Management.

    • Executive & Individual Coaching- Our team of Consulting Psychologist meet with executives and individuals to increase their leadership effectiveness.

    • Talent & Career Assessments- We help individuals and teams identify cognitive, personality, and occupational strengths and limitations by utilizing reliable and valid testing instruments. 

  • Visit their website, email or call at 877-358-4200 to learn more

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