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Ashlee Sang Consulting

You have already embarked on a career and have an idea to leverage your experience into your own business. How do you get started? At the Illinois Small Business Development Center (SBDC) of McLean County at Illinois Wesleyan University, we’ve helped hundreds of entrepreneurs get on the road to transforming their vision into an incorporated business.

Ashlee Sang started freelancing as a communications consultant, even as she was transitioning from living and working in West Africa to moving back to the United States. After almost two years of juggling freelance work and a full-time job in Bloomington, she decided to open her own consulting firm.

“I had done some preliminary research, so I knew I wanted to be an LLC, but I didn't know the exact steps and additional registration requirements to make it happen,” says Ashlee. She sought out SBDC for information on how to begin, and the relationship soon blossomed into support in other areas. “SBDC also gave me inspiration for my project process flow and they are helping me convert my abstract vision into a concrete business plan.”

Today, Ashlee Sang Consulting LLC offers communications services for small businesses and nonprofits to help them amplify their mission and impact so that their important work is seen and heard. According to Ashlee, “Leaders know what they want to say, they just don't always know how to say it—I make their message clear so they can better serve their clients.”

Ashlee’s offerings continue to grow and develop. “I would love to offer a full creative marketing experience—from content and strategy to website design and social media—everything a business or nonprofit needs to thrive.” For more information, check out her website at


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