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The LOOK UP! Initiative

To provide free custom industry financial and local market intelligence

One of America's SBDC Network's trusted resources, Bizminer, has announced the LOOK UP! Initiative to help small business owners.


Their goal is to provide at least 100,000 small businesses with custom industry financial and local market intelligence. This information is designed to help you navigate and plan their re-entry into the post-crisis market. 

  • Visit Bizminer's LOOK UP! Initiative website for full details and learn more

  • There’s no cost, no catch and no up sell. This is being offered as a public service. 

  • Bizminer is an established provider of high-quality analytics to thousands of professional and academic licensees.

  • Bizminer will provide you with two high quality reports that, with a few selections and inputs from you, will equip your business with operational, financial and local market comparisons to your competition.

  • Bizminer will provide you with unique custom data and a narrative that quantifies the opportunities and challenges facing your business.

  • You will even receive a Vestimate®-Plus, a soft value range for your business that is in the middle sophistication tier of our three popular valuation products.

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